Creating Custom Marketing Solutions

Connie Roberts is a Marketing Consultant specializing in
Communicating, Branding and Advertising – bridging the gap
between Marketing and Public Relations.



Getting your potential or existing customers to pay attention to your name, product, service or offer is not as easy as it used to be.

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Branding Roberts Marketing


Branding is a consistent look, feel and message that tells people how to perceive your product, your service, your business or your organization.

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Communications Roberts marketing


Communicating, or Communications, is the foundation for every aspect of marketing. Communicate well and you can market well.

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Multimedia marketing is more important than ever.

These are interesting times. All age groups receive advertising messages differently. For example, young adults are massive consumers of internet content. While older adults still enjoy the local radio station or a newspaper with their morning coffee.

Finding your consumer, and helping them find you, is the key to a successful marketing strategy. The first step is a friendly sit-down or a conference call – whatever fits in your day.


The Marketing Cycle is a process that deserves your attention

I have spent many years refining and testing the marketing process and this is how I best like to define  it at Roberts Marketing. It looks fairly straightforward, but the results are in the recipe. Strong creative concepts, savvy media mixes and social engagement strategies – when combined – really do work.

The issue is that every step in this process has to be followed in order to ensure your campaign and your advertising goals are achieved. Each of these steps takes time and if you don’t invest in the process you can’t trust the results.

When a business owner or the leaders of an organization find themselves fully invested in daily operations, they trust me to help steer the marketing ship so they can focus on the day-to-day.

roberts marketing process

Some of Connie’s Clients

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